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The Chaz Interviews - July, 2003
by Chaz and the artists

It was the summer of 2003 and's active message board community was heating up as well -- with flame wars. Along came Chaz Fanaro, looking to cut through the negative noise. He began to interview many of the musical artists who pitched a tent on the popular indie music forum. Others pitched in with questions of their own. July of 2003 could have turned ugly, but thanks to the interviews blanketing the forum, it became a home for insight and mutual respect. The forums were wiped clean by Vivendi in December, 2003. The interviews live on.

Daniel Iorio

Music Style

Musical Influences
Beatles, U2, Travis, Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Blues, Portishead, Daniel Lanois...

vocals, pen, acoustic guitars and sampling

Press Reviews
Here is what Lynn Carey Saylor said about his work (Lynn is a singer/songwriter who has worked with Brian May of Queen on a song called "If We Believe", and is an avid crusader for charity): "I have listened to a few of the tunes and I must say I was impressed. Without the benefit of expensive recording equipment, you have done a great job! I love the quality of your voice - very laid back and cool, with a certain appealing "swagger" to it and there is some really solid songwriting skills you display as well. Welcome to the community, Daniel. Your presence is most appreciated here, both on the level of a musician AND as a human being. Sincerely,Lynn Carey Saylor" Chk out her page! ********************************************************* Here is what fellow artist GIGS had to say about Daniel: "Lots of people like to compare artists to other artists and then say 'Well,if you like A-B and C you're going to....' Forget that,if you like music you're going to like what Daniel Iorio does. Daniel is an awesome Singer/writer and his delivery is A plus. I had a friend that once told me 'All you need is three chords and the truth.' (I think he was quoting Dylan) Those are my thoughts when I listen to what Daniel does. He has the voice and the look of an artist that can make a huge impact on what we all call the'Mainstream'. Songs like 'Step out of the shade','Am I wasting your time?' and 'Rogue' are some of the finest examples of what his songwriting is all about,these songs would've worked in the 60's, they work now and I'm pretty sure they will in fifty years. They put you in a different place,and that place is different for everyone on a subjective level,but you can't not be moved by his music. If you've never listened to what he does you have no idea what you've been missing out on,welcome to 'Danieland'." ************************************************************** Some very cool words of support coming from JKH of NASA TRAVEL AGENCY( "Is it a great big trade secret, or are you willing to give us some hints on how you get such great sound and still call them 'rough cuts?' What are you recording on? What are you running it through? Talk to us dammit! Be our mentor. I'm just kind of feeling my way along here...need guidance from a quadra-kilo-rocker such as yourself!! And in case it wasn't perfectly clear, you rock. GOOD fucking stuff. I would venture to say these songs are some of the closest to the music in my head that I've heard in a long time. If I so chose I could pretty accurately describe my ideal sound as "Iorio,only much less happy." I want to be the Radiohead (or maybe even the Tool) to your Beatles my friend. I'm having a hard time getting over D Iorio. Now I'm trying to reconcile my jealousy for his VOICE. How the hell does he sing so amazingly in so many different styles??? He's Bono! He's Bob Dylan! Wait, he's Axl Rose! No no no....he's Paul McCartney....ah crap, he's all of 'em at once. I'm actually beginning to dislike you, Iorio.Unless you want to trade me vocal cords".

Montreal, Quebec - Canada

d a n i e l
Thx Chaz. Really good of you to be doing this for so many people. Hats off to ya.
I needed some positive vibes today!! Thx!

Chaz the Spaz
It's said that most of the music on this site has a lot to be desired, although there is still great music here, it's just a matter of finding it. What do you attribute to your success as a musician?

d a n i e l
Being real and authentic in my delivery...and knowing my parameters.
As an indie, success is having a few people listen and tell you that you don't suck. LOL!!

I think you have what it takes to be a star, beyond the bounds of indiness. I personally believe you could take most of the songs off of your page, put them straight on radio and get a positive reaction.
Considering this:
1) Do you see yourself as "Indie" by choice, or do you see yourself making a major label move in the future?
2) Do you believe the state of the music industry is so pathetic that they wouldn't recognize talent if it climbed up thier butt and popped out of thier chest, al a Alien?
3) Do you have any pictures of you with hair? The shiny nugget is tres chic, don't get me wrong.
4) What one aspect of your musicianship are you unsatisfied with (or least satisfied with) and would like to improve?

d a n i e l
WOW! What a nice thing to say!! Honestly? If I could make even the most modest living in music I would die a happy man.
1) Do you see yourself as "Indie" by choice, or do you see yourself making a major label move in the future?
I would love to be on a label! Anything to quit my job and do what I love most and what comes most naturally! So I guess I'm indie by default! LOL!!
2) Do you believe the state of the music industry is so pathetic that they wouldn't recognize talent if it climbed up thier butt and popped out of thier chest, al a Alien?
I think the industry has very little to do with talent. I can understand how they would see me as a risk. 32 years old...male...never been to jail...lots working against me!!! LOL!!
3) Do you have any pictures of you with hair? The shiny nugget is tres chic, don't get me wrong.
LOL!! Yes I do! Not any that are posted online though. For the record,I don't shave because I have to!! LOL!! I did it once and that was it! Saved a bundle on shampoo and haircuts.
4) What one aspect of your musicianship are you unsatisfied with (or least satisfied with) and would like to improve?
Everything-my guitar playing in particular needs much improvement. My vocals are often sharp or flat(lack of musical theory knowledge perhaps). I know I could improve as a songwriter too. So yeah, I need improvin' all around!!!
Great questions~!

Chaz great that you are doing this for so many people, I have been reading the threads with interest, I have not got time to post in all of them. Just on a flying visit to the BB. But it was refreshing to see the 'interviews'. Hi Daniel.

d a n i e l
Hi Ste! Wow, you're back!!!

Daniel it is obivious you can achieve a good sound with bare necessities. Have you worked previously in other studios are did you just figure it out when you got your computer?

d a n i e l
Good question Les! I had never used a computer to write or record music before. Always an acoustic guitar guy, and not very technically oriented! In my early songwriting days, I used a Fostex X-26! 'Member those?
Anyway, my old drummer introduced me to Acid 3.0. In fact I remember him installing it on my computer almost a year before I started using it. He then handed me Excalibur(a cruddy $9 computer mic)and the rest as they say is history! I started working with Acid and before long,I was doing everything on my desktop!
Having said this though,I'm not an engineer on any level. I don't really know what the hell I'm doing,so I don't get too adventurous!! I've never really worked a board or anything(aside from the odd tweaking at a jam).
I need a studio and an engineer! I don't even master my tunes! lmao!!

Kim Riemer
Hi Daniel.
I've read that you and your previous band Eccelstone have opened for April Wine.
I'm curious as to were you ever a fan of April Wine? Was it more than one gig with these legendary Candian rockers? And what was it like to step out in front of the April Wine crowd?

d a n i e l
Hey Kim-Cool question. Ecclestone opened for April Wine in August 2001 at the new Club Soda here in Montreal. Club Soda is your old type of theatre, complete with a balcony and all.
I can't say I was the biggest fan, but I dug alot of their tunes. Could've Been a Lady is probably my to hear "Roller" when I'm drinking in a bar. I kinda know Gerry Mercer. He jams with my buddy Jason Fryer and lives right around the block from where I'll be moving(on Sunday).
I also enjoyed catching Brian Greenway do acoustic shows with John McGale(Offenbach). They played at our Cegep(College)frequently....was always great to see them play on a nice day, out on the campus lawn. They did the pub cicuit here in Montreal too.
Most of the guys from April Wine went to a high school I grew up close to. In fact, my ex-guitarist Rob recalls being babysat by some chick who was dating Greenway at the time, and he'd come over all the time. Rob reminded him of that at the Club Soda show. Brian felt pretty old!!! They rocked though!
Crowd was great for us. They didn't know our tunes, but we connected with them somehow. Our cover of "Don't Let Me Down" didn't hurt either. There were approx.1,000 there that night. My mom and little sis were right up front. It was a last minute thing-I'd been begging this guy from HOB Concerts for an opening gig. I kept bumping into him in the elevator at the Molson Centre and finally, we got the call. I was at work on a Friday-actually he emailed me at around 1pm the day of the show!! Crazy.

Kim Riemer
That is too cool Daniel.
Man that Jerry Mercer can sure bash the drums. Brian Greenway did a rare lead vocal on one of the April Wine records......yeah records remember those? Anyway his vibrato sounded like Miles Goodwyn.
Speakin of Canadian rockers remember Streetheart? Well i know a couple of ppl who know Kenny Shields, so with a few phone calls and a lot of LUCK it's possible at least that I can get an audition. But I'd be happy just to jam with these guys for fun.

d a n i e l
How did you first become interested in music?
I must have been about 6, when I found mom's copy of Rubber Soul...and that was it! I started asking for Beatle albums and Star Wars figures for birthdays & X-Mas from that day forward! LOL!
But it was after(or in the process of)seeing U2 live on their Joshua Tree tour that really did it for me. I was front row on the floor, and about 17. The backdrop went red...the organ intro to Where the Streets Have No Name started fading in, and I pretty much lost it, and made a subconcious decision to be a songwriter Oct.1st 1987!

Daniel, name a couple of songs by other acts that you wish you could have written and say what ingredients you think a top song needs to have?

d a n i e l
Great question Bard(I'd expect no less from a graduate(honours no less).
Well, firstly it's important to define what a top song is. I know what ingredients are required to get me off! I often say I wish I had written Zep's "Over the Hills & Far Away".
It's just such a great tune, and unlike any other rock song I've ever heard. Particularly the acoustic intro. I think it's one of Jimmy Page's finest licks(although he's written so many great ones).
Oddly, not one of Led Zep's best known tunes. A few others I wish I'd written:
Moonlight Mile-The Stones
Don't know why-just love the open G and the way it builds up near the end. So, songs with vibe and warmth I think are "tops".
Where the Hawkwinds Blow-Daniel Lanois
Bolero drums, etheral production, gravel road vocals, textural guitars and lyrics about Canada. TOPS!!!
Bobcaygeon-Tragically Hip
I just love the vibe of this tune...and the singer Gord Downie is somewhat of a beat poet in a rock band. TOPS!
Purple Rain-Prince
I'm not even a fan! But this song is just so moving. Everything a sultry, painful ballad should be, with Hendrix style guitar at the end!
Travis-As You Are
This song speaks to me in a big way. Something I can really feel-damn,wish I had written this one too!!
Pink Floyd-Wish You Were Here
I think everyone wishes they'd written this one!!
Across the Universe-Beatles
Another one that feels the way I feel, despite the nonsensical lyrics at time, the melody translates the feeling nonetheless. "Nothing's gonna change my world...nothing's gonna change my world..."
As far as what I think the formula for a "top song" in general is(for radio,hit success):
Under 4 minutes, repetitive, melodic, groovy and it's gotta have a hook!!!
Ok! This was too difficult! I keep wanting to post and remember other songs I wished I had written!! LOL!!

Chaz the Spaz
What is your goal and what are you planning for your music?

d a n i e l
Chaz-I am in awe as to how you've managed to keep on top of all of this!! Kuddos man!! Talk about micromanager extraordinaire!!! lol!!
I really only want to be able to pay the bills. I'm not a materialistic person in terms of cars,clothes and where I live. I do like trinkets though. I guess I'm reasonably materialistic!! lol!!
I suppose I'm middle class now,as the day gig is not too bad. So if I could afford a roof over my head,food,internet access and my guitar by playing music, I would have greatly surpassed any of my wildest dreams(barring of course, playing stadiums and having 60,000 people sing along!!)
That would just be too much for me I think. I often use Canada's Tragically Hip as a model for what I consider success:
Make records,tour,make a helluva decent living and still be able to walk into a grocery store without making a scene...get free hockey tickets etc. NIRVANA!! Perfect!

Chaz the Spaz
Practice makes perfect, do you practice?

d a n i e l
Not really! I'm not much of a player per se,so I don't run scales or anything like that. I may have improved my timing by working with a click though.
I am however in the process of forming a back-up band and that's when the real practicing will begin!! First jam is Saturday! Key to onstage dynamics and a tight band-lots of jamming and gigging!
While I was doing acoustic shows, I'd run through the set once or twice...but that's about it. I think part of my schtick is that I'm not a perfect singer/player...more a stylist I suppose? LOL!!

Chaz the Spaz
Thanks for the compliment Dan! I would have liked to ask many more questions, but spare time is a factor. This little station project of mine turned into a monmumental task.

d a n i e l
Well Chaz...I think it's a unanimous sentiment! what a super thing to have undertaken.

I hope you are still considering covering my song I Got Lucky!!!

d a n i e l
actually, i just wanted to sing along...or do a verse if that's ok? i wouldn't want to rearrange it...and one of things i love is your singing!! could you send me a version and not sing where you think you'd like me to sing? provide lyrics etc...i cld also do some backups on the chorus' if you like!
i would only come in later on in the tune!


  -- Rick Munarriz

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