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The Chaz Interviews - July, 2003
by Chaz and the artists

It was the summer of 2003 and's active message board community was heating up as well -- with flame wars. Along came Chaz Fanaro, looking to cut through the negative noise. He began to interview many of the musical artists who pitched a tent on the popular indie music forum. Others pitched in with questions of their own. July of 2003 could have turned ugly, but thanks to the interviews blanketing the forum, it became a home for insight and mutual respect. The forums were wiped clean by Vivendi in December, 2003. The interviews live on.


E-Galaxy 7 Rings
Music Style
Progressive Electronic

Musical Influences
Paul Oakenfold, LCD, Rank 1, God Within, Crystal Method, Astralasia n' Velvet Acid Christ

A Pc, A Brain and Imagination beyond our minds

Queens, New York - USA

Chaz the Spaz
With only 17 plays (as I type this), you're the new guy on the block. How long has your music been on the site and how did you find out about

A: The music has been in for around 1month and is geting ready to be erased considering that nobody check the site, listen to the songs and DOES NOT HELP AT ALL to make it posible, cuz of the fact that there's no info about E-Galaxy7 Rings at any section of this comunity. The only way to find the band site is knowing the name of it, thing that posible future fans woudn't have a clue about.
A: It was through a band site from this comunity who had an info site in internet.

Chaz the Spaz
As long as I've been here, I hardly ever seen promote the site, much less the artists that have their music here. Not until recently has even acknowledged that there is indie music here (see the new Sophie's Corner posts). Basically, this site is for musicians to host their music and do all promotions themselves.

prostarter, u may want to change the spelling of your identity on your page.
"galalxy" instead of "galaxy?" was that intentional?
the weird spelling makes it a little confusing.

Chaz the Spaz
Thank you silencia, I hadn't even noticed that spelling. Now I wonder if it's my mistake, does prostarter mean galaxy?
I enjoyed "Mirtzex", you listed instruments used as PC, what program(s) did you use?

No silencia The Band Name is: E-Galaxy7 Rings not galalxy.
Well there are much better songs at:
You may wanna check that mp3 comunity.
Also you can rate the songs, send message to bands like E-Galaxy7 Rings, Support the band trhough free links that you can be find in the Suport Band Area, post in the E-Galaxy7 Rings Message Board and much more as well.

A Brain that goes beyond our minds,an Intel Pentium II & III Processors along with a large variety of software.

i guess what i'm trying to point out is that the name is actually spelled "galalxy" on your page.
check it out.
i bet that's a big part of the problem.
oopss....just checked again. very weird. i know it was not my imagination when i saw it mispelled earlier today.

What are the critics for E-Galaxy7 Rigns Music from you?
Would you buy a CD if there would be one in the stores?
Have you ever check all the New Songs at: ?
What do you think about the fact that E-Galaxy7 Rings music just got selected for a Internet music radio station futured song (Port ST Lucie by E-Galaxy7 Rings) of the day?

Chaz the Spaz
How did you come up with the name E-Galaxy 7 Rings?

Q: Did you answer my questions?
A: Thinking about space, Extraterestrial Inteligence and a new place that we can not even imagene the name cuz of our Small limited braind potential.

Chaz the Spaz
You mean these questions?
"What are the critics for E-Galaxy7 Rigns Music from you?
Would you buy a CD if there would be one in the stores?
Have you ever check all the New Songs at: ?
What do you think about the fact that E-Galaxy7 Rings music just got selected for a Internet music radio station futured song (Port ST Lucie by E-Galaxy7 Rings) of the day?"
I. I'm not criticizing.
2. I'm not buying.
3. I don't usually go off-site for music.
4. Internet music radio stations on are no more than an artists or listeners selected playlist. (I'm on over 50 stations myself), and you have been added to Interrogation Station too!

Meaning of the E-Galaxy7 Rings: "Critics" word
As soon as you start listening to any of my songs you should have what is called "constructive critisism".
Meaning of the E-Glalxy7 Rings: "Buy" word
How much pleased are you by E-Galaxy7 Rings Music.
Is it Poor, Good or Bad?
Whether it "sucks" or not, in your opinion, of course.
You should know if you would buy a CD with those songs and/or more.
Staying inside the same place is irocnic concidering that we have wide opend field of music now days. Same as if you say that you would never go to a diferent other store that Target to buy Stuf. There's always something new, a better place or not. It's all about Innovations!. wink.
2nd, There are more new songs By E-Galaxy7 Rings in that Mp3 comunity than the aged Mirtzex.
3rd, E-Galaxy7 Rings is in the position 12 in the electronica charts. And it has riched that place in its own.
E-Galaxy7 Rings is Really Proud of It concidering the amount of time and effort that each projekt takes to be concluded.
Mirtzex is not a really good song in which E-Galaxy7 Rings would like to be Presented with.

Chaz the Spaz
Thank you for clarifing. I did enjoy what I heard on the MP3 site. Would I buy your CD in a store? Perhaps, if I was more familiar with the music. I do go off site occasionally to listen, but my time is limited, and I prefer to stay here, for the enormous amount of music keeps me busy enough. When I get some extra time, I will visit E-Galaxy7 Rings at Soundclick.


  -- Rick Munarriz

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