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The Chaz Interviews - July, 2003
by Chaz and the artists

It was the summer of 2003 and's active message board community was heating up as well -- with flame wars. Along came Chaz Fanaro, looking to cut through the negative noise. He began to interview many of the musical artists who pitched a tent on the popular indie music forum. Others pitched in with questions of their own. July of 2003 could have turned ugly, but thanks to the interviews blanketing the forum, it became a home for insight and mutual respect. The forums were wiped clean by Vivendi in December, 2003. The interviews live on.

The Luddites

Artist description
Big. Like the bull.

Music Style
Geek Rock/Alternative Rock/Jazz/Country

Musical Influences
A Babbling brook, a fart, flies buzzing around your ears at night while you sleep.

Similar Artists
They Might be Giants, Amazing Rhythm Aces, Cher (Early years), Elvis (Later years), Ramones, Tom Petty, RATT

Artist History
We have seen many moons together.

Group Members
Trace - Craig - Pete - Jim

Standard Musical Type Gizmos

Beat the Machine, Live From Buckhead Billiards, Hydroponics of the Soul, Americana Pop Folk Songs

Press Reviews
the Luddites made our cross-country trip much more bearable. god bless the Luddites - Mike (A fan) During a post luddite concert emergency session with my therapist, Shelly BaBa Feng, I've been told that the large thing one of the luddites was playing had 5 not four cables strung along the length of it. Although I personally believe this is a small oversight in my previous recollections and observations, I am now being told by this 'professional' that perhaps I never really attended the show but was abducted by a sinister race of space beings and need to undergo treatment for release and closure of the trauma. I was then driven by three men wearing black suits in a 1995 ford Ltd. to a medical facility beneath the governors mansion where I was forced to undergo an examination I can only say was humiliating and invasive, and could not compare to the alleged abduction scenario proposed by this person I had trusted as a therapist. One of the men in the car seemed to question me at length about the Luddites and mentioned that in the real world he had never seen them on the Ed Sullivan show, hence they must not exist. As they were driving me home their monotone speech patterns faded into something that sounded like a machine winding down and I began to notice their already pale complexion turning light blue in the streetlights. I would suggest that people invite others to these events as if they themselves had never attended and this may cause less suffering for those who seek the counsel of professionals afterwards, whatever the reasons. - Craig O'Manion (Frictional Mission)

Atlanta, GA - USA

Chaz the Spaz
Pete, are you the group spokesman?

The Luddite
Holy Cow Chaz...I just got back from a long weekend and was digging around ... I totally missed this...
Yup..I am the loudmouth of the band ...
Sorry I missed this ..i was sorta only half tuned in last week anyway .....

gray martin
Pete...long time, no's it going?
Question: As a Luddite fan & the proud owner of "Americana Pop Folk Songs" I'd like some info...what the hell is a hydroponic pork chop??? Also, who did the coverart for the CD? It's really cool...

The Luddite
Hi Gray! always a pleasure to talk to sane people here hahaa
We are not at liberty to divige the orgin of hydroponic chops .. but lets just say we have the potency of these babies to the point that you would not recognize them from thier 60's orgins ... the only problem is the pigs get a bit sweaty under the lights
As for the cover art. As I recall we were sitting around drinking when somebody said "haha..wouldn't it be funny to have our heads on a bunch of chickens?"...this is at a point where we were enamoured with 'chicken house is on fire' still....oddly enough at one of my next family gatherings somebody showed me a copy of my great grandmother sitting in the middle of a bunch of chickens ...MC Theripy then did his photoshop magic and bam! thats the front cover... If memory serves me (and it rarely does) the inside jacket has 3 boys laughing that I actually have had for a long time and always thought was pretty funny looking... craig the drummer took the pictures of the band and also of the traintracks that are on the inside ..the paper-machiete feel was something I tried to do but I am not convinvced that I pulled it off...
probably far more than anyone ever wanted to know about the cover art .. haha...

probably been asked a thousand times, but where on earth did you get your name?

The Luddite
Hi 7mama!
Everybody in the original lineup of the band shared a common distain for electroniclly generated music (I know..i offense to the folks here..its not a commonly held opnion here ) ... we at that time (10 years ago) shared a common love of more 'authentic' styles that had more juice basically....these include (but are not limited to) country, roots rock (as phil would call it) and punk. While we have changed many of our opinions with regard to the value of electronic drums and keys (etc) you will still notice that we do not over produce our music. When we record its always in a semi-live way that includes the three main parts being played at the same time (usually guitar/bass/drums).
we also liked the way it sounded.

Chaz the Spaz
What role do modern Luddites play in todays technological society?

The Luddite
I believe that the concept of Luddism has been mostly misinterpreted by people. Its not a general distain for all new technolgies. Its a rejection of technology that does not improve the human condition. Thus computers are not really (or shouldnt be) the target of a true luddite but bombs might be. Drum machines generally speaking are not an improvement on a real drummer (IMO). I like the ocassional speeding up and slowing down. I like to do it on purpose...different everytime you play the a drum machine being no improvment on the human condition could reasonably be the target of a luddite....
the real problem is that all the newer tech is so entertwined that it is easy to become confused about what is and is not a reasonable target for a luddite ... the same computer that took my ecommerce transaction and ships me a copy of a classic book could be the same computer that sends me breast enhancement and viagra oppertunities ... so I really am not sure I have a good answer as to how a true luddite would move forward in this day and age ... generally the people who proffess it are anti-tech across the board and do not attempt to split hairs about good-tech/bad-tech...I think thats a mistake but do not have a good distinguishing principle that I can offer to help...

ricky boy circle of friends
I love these dudes!

Chaz the Spaz
So, you're not really Amish! 7mama asked what a Luddite is, I found your history story of the Luddites interesting, maybe you can give a edited version here for the readers.

The Luddite
I thought about that... Ok.. Here it is ...I have heard the Thomas Pychon wrote idea if its true or not .. but here it is ...
*****What is a Luddite*********
In 1812 England was in turmoil--Napoleon ruled Europe and English troops were engaged in a far flung, confused, and fruitless war in North America. At the same time in the cities, towns, and countryside of England the industrial revolution was drastically reshaping the fundamental nature of traditional economic and social relationships. In Nottingham, Lancashire, Leeds, and a few other parts of England, these changes met with sporadic but bitter and well-organized resistance.
For at least three hundred years the weavers from in and around the central English town of Nottingham, though commoners, enjoyed the status and rewards accorded to fine craftsmen. The weavers of Nottinghamshire produced lace and stockings that dominated the English markets and were prominent items in export trade. These products were hand made, often in the weaver's home. Today, their operation would be called a cottage industry.
The weavers worked mainly as independent contractors, not as employees of a factory owner. Apprenticeships, family tradition and community values insured a product of high quality. The weavers of Nottingham could afford to practice their craft with care; prices for their products, as well as for their expenses and the support of their families did not vary with the market conditions, but were governed by tradition. The weavers had the additional protection of an ancient royal charter restricting certain kinds of textile production in England to within ten leagues of the town of Nottingham. The weavers and their families were reasonably secure in their modest lifestyle.

Ted Lehman
Hey why don't you have that guy Lehman sit in with you more often. He's great. He really adds something to the Luddites. Something....... Jewish. Yeah more ethnic stuff... call him, he's loanly....

The Luddite
hahaha .. why dont you come over and help us record man! We have not been playing lately... just recording .. Once we have base tracks to 5 or more songs (we are at 3 now - 10k years, Turkish delight and Flesh and Bones) I think we should hook up and get you to bring that harp over ...

Ted Lehman
Hey I'm at your service any time Pete. Just tell me where you want me and what you want me to play so I know what to bring. I'd be happy to play guest star on your new CD. Would I qualify for royalties?
Really I'd love to help. Just call me.

The Luddite
Would I qualify for royalties?
hahaha...well....sure ..we'll give you a % or 2 haha. .
nuthin from nunthin leave nuthin..... ya gotta have sumptin... la la la la la

Ted Lehman
Then I'm in. I'm gonna be a star!!!!

The Luddite
oh yeah baby.... you might even get as famous as the fabulous luddites!!!!!!

A most interesting Thread. Two questions for ya Pete. Sticking with the humour. The first is : You list among your influences ' flies buzzing around your head at night'. Would this be , Blue Bottles, Horse Flies - what type of flies ? I find Dragon Flies have quite an effect on me.
Second question.
Where do you see yourself musically in ten years from now ?

Ted Lehman
Pete's busy Ste so I'll answer that question for him. He will still be dealing with the most successful semi-retired part time Luddite to ever beg for a chance to be part of the band..... me....
Now back to the Luddites....

The Luddite
Hey Ste!!! Sup?
Well - being from south georgia i'd say they were bog ole horseflies that come and sting you on the thigh while your laying half asleep on the beach after drinking 3 coronas and swimming in the ocean for an hour. They come from behind the dunes when the breeze lightens up and land on your thigh...then WAM... your endorphins kick in and you are on your feet ... man it hurts...
Question 2: Ten years... well.. maybe i'll have learned some minor chords by then .. haha.. ok...maybe not .. Uh..I have been running in the general away from rock&roll for about 15 years ...toward roots rocks and folk and some jazzy stuff and blues.... but really i would hope to be making a living off music somehow rather than spending all my money that I make on computers on music haha

The Luddite
hey ted.. you should hear how some of the new tunes are coming together!!!

Ted Lehman
I would love to. Have you decided where you need my session services yet?

Chaz the Spaz
What are your goals and what do you have planned for your music?


  -- Rick Munarriz

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