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The Chaz Interviews - July, 2003
by Chaz and the artists

It was the summer of 2003 and's active message board community was heating up as well -- with flame wars. Along came Chaz Fanaro, looking to cut through the negative noise. He began to interview many of the musical artists who pitched a tent on the popular indie music forum. Others pitched in with questions of their own. July of 2003 could have turned ugly, but thanks to the interviews blanketing the forum, it became a home for insight and mutual respect. The forums were wiped clean by Vivendi in December, 2003. The interviews live on.

Mike Burn

Artist description
Mike Burn is from Frankfurt, Germany. Features on various international MP3-Sites, Webradios and NBC TV Europe. Video available at ( ! Mike Burn has a lot of fun doing sound-engineering, front of the house mixing and recording. Music is as important as eating, drinking and sleeping for Mike.

Music Style

Musical Influences

Similar Artists

Artist History
Mike's musical development went through roofs, cellars, bunkers, more than ten years together with HASCHPAPA AND THE GABRIELS, and various projects with the fabulous sound designer WILLI BOPP, performance-artist GUNTRAM PROCHASKA, the band TKTSSS... and many others. His main influences or idols are Jeff Beck, GENESIS, BRAND X, Peter Gabriel, TOTO, ZZ-Top and SVEN VÄTH. Important influences and sound-inspirations also came from the last couple of years and many sleepless nights in Music-Clubs around Frankfurt, like "OMEN" (closed meanwhile) and "U-60311" (the home clubs of Sven Väth), "COOKY's" and "DORIAN GRAY" and the "Blues&Beyond" Session Club. Mike works not only solo, but also intensively with the "mikeburn and friends"-band and various guest musicians, song-writers and international web-collaboration partners. Mike's "Starship Bobota" music video was produced together with the extremely gifted graphics and video designer, Andreas Matzke, whose work has been featured by major companies like SONY. It was recently described as 'insanely cool and innovative' by insiders in the indie music scene.

Group Members
Mike Burn

6 and 12String Guitars, Bass, Keyboards and Drum-Programming.

the bobota project (more info, PIX and VIDEO-DOWNLOADS at, Listen! and Listen! Vol.2

Frankfurt, Hessen - Germany

Chaz the Spaz
Have you toured with a band?

Well... I toured with various bands, foremost with the 'mikeburn and friends' band over the last 20 years and the international band Tktsss (w. singer Ria Hamilton, Manni von Bohr drums). Typically Germany and neighbour countries like France, Netherlands and Austria.
However the most extensive touring I did as a sound-engineer (front-of-the-house-mix). Amongst the artists I have toured with and mixed are crazy names like David Hasselhoff, Joe Cocker, Jocco Abendroth, Purple Schulz and Mother's Finest.

great the way Im a diehard fan of
the fantastic funky awesome
Mother's Finest
one of the most underestimated bands in the universe!!!!!!!!!

I'm very impressed with the guitar solo you did on Cancion del Corazon. I love how you keep the melodic theme going when the horns leave off, being true to melody throughout the solo. It seems like around halfway that you've said all thee is to say and take off from there. Very well executed without a bunch of fluff.
There are factors of the solo that resemble Carlos as one might very well want in a latin filled environment, and you have managed to deliver them impeccably.

7Mama Mother's Finest do rock the house ))))
Wilke! Thanks a lot for listening
to "Cancion del Corazon", a track I did with the German Salsa formation "Lightshy", and your comments! )

Mike, you are well known on for being involved in many collaborations with other acts but what do you enjoy most about these joint efforts and perhaps you could name some of the most successful songs you've worked on in this way?

Oh well... the most I enjoy to work with musical influences I normally don't have here locally.
I'm lucky though.... in real life I know extremely good musicians... popular ones... but I do enjoy the 'international' flavour and the unexpected influences the most coming over the MP3 world.

It is simply great to play/sing on a track originally from Mexico for example (a pending collab to be up soon )
....or to play on a track, somebody with 'American vibes' worked on )
I can't really describe it with words... but it's the 'vibes'.... something you don't experience locally...
I'm simply very thankful ))
My most successful collaborations are:
"Without You"
"Please Be Gentle"
"Cancion del Corazon"
"All These Tears (Rock-Mix)"
"Cloud 9"
"Sexy DJ"
"Let Dreams Come True"
"See Me"
"Tingles (Rock Mix)"
"The Broken Surface"
"Flame (Electrified)" name a few.... and I am VERY thankful for all that ))
Each of the listed tracks either reached a # 1 in the respective genres, or a top40 spot on (overall) or a TV feature in "real life TV"

Good answer, Mike & your song 'Cancion del Corazon' is going to be added to my Spanish station.

Have you considered adding your video to some Independent music video sites like
or you think Vivendi is the way to go?!

Mike, what is the most expensive guitar you have ever played!
and do you ever get frustrated with all the music...interested in knowing your response./ and hey dont worry about mp3 tonight..just straight from where you see it?

Chaz the Spaz
Have you ever seen Amon Duul I or II?

Now, Im waiting on this answer, and I have to admit I havent, can you enlighten me on who they are?

Chaz the Spaz
Amon Duul I -- an experiemental'progressive music group started in the late 60's early 70's from Germany.
Amon Duul II -- members of Amon Duul on a more commercially acceptable music road. Their groundbreaking Psychedelic music propelled German rock music into the American youth subculture.

Thanks Bard!
AntonMT! Since there are not much sites you can put a video on, I did go with Vivendi and
But THANKS for the tip about !!!!!
I will see if they are interested in one of my videos.
7mama In general, the price of a guitar has not neccessarily to do with the sound and playing fun.
I played a lot of expensive guitars, new custom models, experimental constructions and of course old and original vintage guitars, but only a few I really liked.
I gladly can say, that I can call a very, very good old vintage 1959 Gibson Les Paul Sunburst my own. Let's say, she represents the value of several used cars

pretty too!!!!!huh

.... of course I know Amon Düül, who belong to the
so called "Krautrock" phenomenon
However, I saw them never live.
I had the chance to meet Helmut Hattler of Kraan though
and mixed several events with Manni von Bohr (Alex Oriental Experience).

will be playin that song today Mike on the Flyers it
how will the mp3 aug 8th European halt effect you?

Chaz the Spaz
Why do so many people say you are Anti-American? I read your posts, and consider your opinion from the viewpoint as a foreigner, but I can't believe you have hatred for Americans. Is this some kind of mis-understanding?

7mama, the halt of the European arm will not affect me too much. However... it's the beginning of something scary..........
Chaz, I'm used to all these problems regarding my "anti-Americanism". I experienced and still experience this on EVERY BB board where Americans can be found.
Like in real life. When I visited the U.S. I always had discussions because of my nationality and people shouting at me. Again, I'm used to that. Harmless things I say become a tragedy for Americans, just because me, a German, is saying that.
Of course I could simply say "I'm sorry, I'm German and because of that everything you say is right and I have nothing to say".
Well, I'm not doing this. I criticize the USA and Israel whenever I think it's appropriate. I want my opinion to be heard. I want to exchange political viewpoints. If you have followed my replies here on this board, you may have noticed that I never used foul language or insulting wording... this changed several months ago, when the hatred towards me and my personal opinions peaked in unbelievable insults, harrassment and stalking. Some of the ANONS here in particular, even tried to sabotage my friendship with my collaboration partners, by sending fake mails using my real adress with incredible stupid insults and stories and stuff like "stop working with Nazi's".
Overall I don't feel anything like an obligation to stay quiet, just because I am German. Whatever I say, I will get a "shut up Nazi" back. I'm used to that. I grew up with that.

Chaz the Spaz
How did you first become interested in music?

As a little boy, my parents noticed that I always located myself near loudspeakers I was fascinated by groups like Abba, Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix and listened later also with headphones over and over again )
With 12 years, my friend Mike Debus and I, spared enough money to buy the first crappy acoustic guitar and started teaching ourselves in "secret" how to play, because our parents rather wished to see us learning for school instead for rock'n roll

Chaz the Spaz
What are your goals and what do you have planned for your music?

My goal..... I don't think I have any goal when doing music.
I'm rather happy if I have the free back and time to continue performing the music I like to play live with people who like to and to grow musically on upcoming internet collaborations.
I think the whole collaboration thingy is one of the best things nowadays, with incredible possibilities.

Apart from the axes What other bits of kit in your studio do you value most, and why?..

*ACK*... that's a tough question! :LOL
Well... I guess it's 1st. my Neumann U-87 Microphone.
You simply care about singing, because the sound is always top notch and you don't waste time frickling around or dealing with good takes but bad recordings...
2nd. it's my Novation Supernova II Midi-Expander.
A very inspiring machine... you can record almost every knob-setting, filter and modulation in real time, edit afterwards if you need to and you simply achieve a very fast result, in turning your sonic mind inpressions into reality


  -- Rick Munarriz

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