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The Chaz Interviews - July, 2003
by Chaz and the artists

It was the summer of 2003 and's active message board community was heating up as well -- with flame wars. Along came Chaz Fanaro, looking to cut through the negative noise. He began to interview many of the musical artists who pitched a tent on the popular indie music forum. Others pitched in with questions of their own. July of 2003 could have turned ugly, but thanks to the interviews blanketing the forum, it became a home for insight and mutual respect. The forums were wiped clean by Vivendi in December, 2003. The interviews live on.

Softsong - Kathy Reynolds

Artist description
a blend of folk and rock no two songs sound the same

Music Style
rock , blues, free style rock

Musical Influences
allman bros band and alot of other's, to many to list..

Similar Artists
people say I sound like a mix between Janis Joplon and Grace Slick , but I do sound like me

Artist History
music is in my blood it will alway's be.......

Group Members
Kathy Reynolds

guitar / vocals


Press Reviews for reviews

new york, new york - USA

Chaz the Spaz
I heard you developed your own website. What benefits do you feel you recieve from having your music on your own site?

Chaz first off, this is good stuff you're doing here
um benfits, well none really, it's just something that I wanted to do. I plan to make it better as time goes go, add more links and stuff.
I find it pleasing. as for press review's i'm not sure what that is excatly, is it what other's have said about you with the signing of their name?
then my review page is that, really bold reviews
and if you look at my about page you'll see that I am a normal everyday person, nothing fancy nothing professional. I just record what I do, and at that my recordings are very unprofessional.
hey maybe one day that will change.
I feel that being honest of who I am is the only way for me.
i'm the worst fibber anyway
Chaz you alway's were one of the good guys here, alway's being possitive. you filled this artistboard with a wonderful idea you Rock!
Thank You~ for this.

Chaz the Spaz
Thanks for the compliment K. In the shape the board was I was a little concerned about how everyone would react, but everyone has shown a true spirit and community that is sometimes lacking around here. Kudos to all!!!

jaw knee
Your song "Nothing At All" is one of my favorite here at mp3.I find the song very moving.How long did it take you to write the music for it?

that song was written by Tommy Reynolds from burnt locust old handle here was MR.LOCUST. the song is no longer listed on his page.
yeah Tommy does have a great flare for lyrics , BTW I cant get into the account to update it, and Tom is away in Georgia, he is my son
yeah my son, I had him at the ripe old age of 16.. a child having a child
*nothing at all* has a great life realization ring to it, I would love to re-record it, this time with a better chorus . wish I could point you to the original song, but I lost it and I cant get into his administration page. I e-mailed mp3c
many times, no response at all but here is another example of him
another poor soul without proper gear to record LOL Thank you for asking Jaw
Chaz this is fun.. Philos I love the gif BTW

Kathy I've been a fan of yours for the past few years. I've noticed your recordings have improved tremendously but I've read you saying you have a minimum amount of equipment. I respect the fact that you can squeeze the most out of your stuff to achieve a good sound. What is your current setup for recording?

Les thanks
you think I improved? wow, nothing has changed in reference to gear, but I've learned how to compress alittle better.
my gear consists of 2 sure 57 mics 1 tube preamp, oh and some chessy software, and cool edit acid wav. I have other programs but I cant understand them
and thats it

Chaz the Spaz
K, you have many good songs unlisted, why would you make your songs unavailable?

they are not unavailable,just put into a station list.
any other tuff questions?
Thanks Chaz you're top's in my book

gray martin
I'm a big fan of your music. I think you are a gifted guitarist & vocalist...all of your tunes touch me. I'm wondering if you received any musical training in your formative years or is it something you just picked up naturally and basically self-taught?

yes Gray, Im basically self-taught. my friend Rich introduced me to guitar, teaching me basic chords and notes, no formal traning from a school or anything. My family couldn't afford it. my first guitar was absolutely ridiculous the action on the strings were like a half inch away from the fret board LOL, But it didn't stop me infact it gave me great strenth in my hand. so when I did finally get a decent guitar I was amazed how easy playin felt. my one downfall is that I have no members to record with, but I dont let it bother me.
thank you~ for the compliment, coming from a wonderful guitaist like yourself
and thanks to the interview thread from philos60, I wouldn't have even known I had another question

Chaz the Spaz
How did you first become interested in music?

Chaz the Spaz
What are your goals and what do you have planned for your music?

How did you first become interested in music?
Hi Chaz Well that's difficult to say, but I'd say just listening to music, music was constantly playin in my house, My father was a music buff, so I guess it rubbed off
What are your goals and what do you have planned for your music?
goals? nothing specific, I just love making it and sharing it.
plans? are just to write more songs, if the opportunity comes my way,I'd like to record in a studio )


  -- Rick Munarriz

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