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The Chaz Interviews - July, 2003
by Chaz and the artists

It was the summer of 2003 and's active message board community was heating up as well -- with flame wars. Along came Chaz Fanaro, looking to cut through the negative noise. He began to interview many of the musical artists who pitched a tent on the popular indie music forum. Others pitched in with questions of their own. July of 2003 could have turned ugly, but thanks to the interviews blanketing the forum, it became a home for insight and mutual respect. The forums were wiped clean by Vivendi in December, 2003. The interviews live on.

Swebby - Feed The Cobweb

Artist description
Hello, thanks for logging on to the Feed The Cobweb page. We hope you enjoy your journey/our journey into private and now public music.We have free downloads available and some Dam and Net Cd's, we also release stuff on our own 'furtrack' label in the U.K. Frodsham ? I have been unkind and described it as the 'arsehole of the world' before now, but it is situated between Liverpool and Chester...near Manchester(Madcester). Where such great bands have come from...yeah..Echo and the Bunnymen - probably the most famous out of Liverpool and Joy Division out of Manchester ( Madchester). Some of the tunes on this site have enjoyed Chart Success on Where's he gone (relfections) has been number 2 in the New Wave charts many times. We hope you enjoy the Feed The Cobweb page. Feel free to contact us anytime.Thanks for the feed back, it means alot.

Music Style
New Age/Rock/Alternative/Punk/Fun

Musical Influences
Bowie/New Wave/Old Wave/Punk/Alternative/New Order/Cure/Joy Divison/Bolan

Similar Artists
We have been compared to Moby, The Sisters, The Cure, Joy Division, New Order, Depeche Mode, Morrisey, Ian Dury, Bowie, Bolan, The Cult and many other New Wave/ Alternative Groups.

Artist History
The history of Feed The Cobweb? The story behind us? Mmmmmmm. Very difficult. Many years ago (76) I became a punk and followed bands such as the Banshees, the Cure, The Clash, The Buzzcocks, The Stranglers and then later Bauhaus and others. Anything punk /new wave I guess. It wasn?t long before some friends and I formed the ?Skates Planers?. A true garage band. The Skates existed in the garage and the drummer?s weights room until the early 80?s. By this time we all got real jobs and moved on. In recent times due to this site and the music I have been in touch with the drummer (Tim) and got my hands on the only ?Skates? tape recording in existence. A song that survives from this period is ? I never realised?. Tim/ Tony and I wrote this song!So the years past and work and life took over. I still had an interest in music, but didn?t play anymore. In the early days I had tried so hard to be the bass player. Two years ago I had a life change ? I took very ill and found myself repairing an Electric guitar. I never played guitar, but I guess I started and then the bass was dusted off and then an old four track taken out of the cupboard. The results were poor, but encouraged by B.C and Austin and others ? a Roland 8 track was bought and a home made studio started to develop. The quality of the recording went up and I guess we ended up around about now. Tons of songs, loads of fun. Some fun things to say ? some dark and serious subjects to cover.My guitar playing is handicapped as I only have three fingers working - I still manage to make some interesting noises. A friend said Keith Richards once said ?it takes one arshole and three fingers to play guitar?. So with this in mind ? I guess I?m alright then.Feed The Cobweb ? the name. Originally it was just Cobweb. Part my name/part my partners name and then there was already a Cobweb out there. Hence the addition of 'feed the'. We also tend to think it does. That is the music and interest feeds us with something ? hard to explain, but it?s just great fun and interesting and if some people like the stuff ? all the better ? if they don?t ? so what. It?s for us and we like it. It?s fun to be a Cobweb ? we hope you enjoy the site.Cobweb started in July /August 1999. Who knows when it will finish. Maybe it never will ?

Group Members
Main Members : Me and the Girlfriend ( Ste & Jen)

Bass, Guitar, Drum Ma Sheen, Drums, Keyboards.

Our own home label - Furtrack (c) contact us for details

Press Reviews
John Peel said my Name once. That I know off.Although in other area of life I have ooodles of press reviews..there's none as yet for the music. I met Morrissey once, does that count ? That well known singer from Sioux and the Banshees..once called me big nose.Future Music Magazine mentioned us in breif twice so far in 2002.

Additional Info
Vocals, Woodblock , Coke Can, Cat Noises ( Pepsi and Hiedi) and Various Ashtrays and Coke Cans

Cheshire, England - United Kingdom

Chaz the Spaz
You have described the reason behind the band name, Feed The Cobweb, but dosen't the first image one gets is a spider in a web waiting for a meal?

Chaz the Spaz
i'm listening and I hear live drums? or is this programmed?
awesome good stuff.. I'd give my eye teeth for a good drummer

Chaz, just got your mail. I have been on such flying visits, I missed this. Feed The Cobweb. Originally it was just cobweb. Easy as Jennifer Cobbe ( now my wifelet and Mrs Jennifer Webb was and remains 1/2 of the cobweb) My name 'Webb' and so 'Cobweb' happened. Then we came to upload that 1st track to and create a page ( 2000 December) White door was the track. There was a 'Dark Cobweb', 'Cobweb' and Emily's Cobwebs...and so on. 'Feed The seemed appropriate' It was Contra..the web being fed as opposed to the spider - the way music was feeding me, keeping me going...feeding ideas...and so on. Thats about how it happened. Yes...the image could be the Spider waiting for a meal...??,but what about the web eating the spider ? thats...more...eeerm....'cobweb'.
Sorry I missed this. I hadnt got to an email rig for a while. Time is still a problem. Thanks Chaz.
Softsong, perhaps you are refering to the track 'Souls'. The drums sound very live. I took more time on the drumms than anything else. It originally starts out as beats from a Zoom basic drum machine. Some hand played noises on the pads. Little pads !! about a finger width..and then echo and such applied. Makes for a live sound. Bard thought the same. They might be live. That pleased me so much as I tried to make them sound live. Me to..I would love a REAL drummer. I do drum a bit, but only with fingers and hands !

Chaz the Spaz
That's OK Ste, I didn't want to leave you out, and knowing that you're really busy, I'd just ask a silly question.

Chaz, thats O.k. In fact this is the first time back for a few days. 4 am in the morning here, light just breaking and the birds are singing ( they do it so well !) The question was fine. I enjoyed that, because recently I found an explaination of the name on a Italian web site which was really strange. Very good though ! I enjoyed the drums question the best - cos if that was 'souls' its the one area I really tried hard on !

Hi Manic, a few more days past and I got here again ! Looks like my new home is really gonna happen this time. Big move for th whole family. I have a music room/ sudy at the new place - so better not shutdown !! Damn ! Ste

Chaz the Spaz
What is your goal and what are you planning for your music?

It's no secret or mystery to any regular here that my health has been a major problem the last few years. Its a flip side of the coin really. If I hadnt become ill - I would never have taken up music as a hobby and if I hadnt got worse, there would have been even more music. Planing for the future ? Well at present it's to continue and get back to some recordings. I bought a Roland 24 track over a year ago and I havent used it yet ! Mainly as health and other issues have prevented me recording.
So the answer would have to be, to continue, improve and hopefully do something my sister actually likes one day. She hates my music, it's not what she was used to in my character before illness struck again.
Physically my hands have been getting worse. It makes guitar playing very hard, bass less so..but still a problem. Even keyboards tire my hands quickly. So my first 'goal' is to continue and get some output of all this stuff in my head out there !
Thanks Chaz..good question.

Thanks Dr ( droll) I did catch up with it in the end. Git your mail today. I've been to physio again today. Ouch.

Were you shocked to find Feed The Cobweb back in the New Wave charts when you returned to the BB, after being missing for the last few days, what have you been doin ?
One of the many sides of the intra persona

Why thankyou. Yes I was. I was away because I did some very hard hydro therapy physio and I've been wiped out. Still am. Its amazing what happens in a few days on I see from the stats a few Cd sales. I know one person that bought one as we got an email. I'm honoured, flattered and can only say THANKYOU ! but the others remain a mystery. So thank you - who ever you are.
Top 10 New Wave
Souls got to number one twice in this chart - will it do it three times ?
Amazing. Happy, but worn out

Chaz the Spaz
Do you have a positive outlook on life?

Chaz, that's an ineresting question. Anyone out there that's listened to FTC may think I'm not positive. The songs are dark, depressing and about inner demons and fears, funerals...not exactly 'holiday tunes'. I suppose there are 'happy' songs, but they are done in such a way I guess no one would know I was being happy ! I would have answered in the negative and said I could be more positive, but then freinds and family, doctors and such, say I am incredibly positive and also very, very stuborn.
I recently had to see a 'Shrink' as part of an insurance claim - car crash I had in Novemeber 2000. The 'Head Doctor' remarked that I was amazingly positive, much more than he thought I would be and probably one of the most positive people 'in outlook' he had met.
I have had a different life to what may be considered 'normal'. Ill as a child. Handicapped Schools. Years away from home. Years in Hospitals in one stretch. Then recovery, to almost perfect health. Then I started my own business, which is very succesful still. Then ( after they say it would not happen again) I took ill again. Initailly I was more angry than depressed. The music was an escape.
This time around I had complications in my 'condition' ( they dont call them diseases anymore - not politically correct). Adrenal failure and bits of me not replentishing bone, means my bones became very brittle. I broke all the time. I still do. So for me, I would say I'm slightly negative - fear the worst, hate not being able to do my music, but others would say I am positive in that I keep trying.
I still talk of when I will get better ( ha ha). So I guess...yeah...I'm positive. I suppose its much more complex than that. But the love of my family and the people around me, they will make sure I saty positive. Then of course there's son Freddy....but that would be another story. He's my inspiration now. I will survive the pain and life for him if nothing else. He's gonna need a dad being around.

Chaz the Spaz
Thank you Ste! Mostly I'll ask a patent question, sometimes I feel a question intuitivly. I hope these interviews let people express themselves and help them to a better understanding of others. Keep being postitive!

No worries Chaz, I have enjoyed the interviews and now know so much more about other artists around here ! I understand some now, where as before I did wonder ??? I am feeling very positive I Joined Bowienet and really love the site. I have promised myself for an age I'd join.
I also looked at the New Wave charts today and found out we have loads of tunes in there again. Souls has now gone upto number 2 ! and we are number 3 as well. Unreal. This has happened a few times. If Souls gets to number 1, it will be the 3rd time it has !
I'll post more about Bowienet in the future !


  -- Rick Munarriz

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