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The Chaz Interviews - July, 2003
by Chaz and the artists

It was the summer of 2003 and's active message board community was heating up as well -- with flame wars. Along came Chaz Fanaro, looking to cut through the negative noise. He began to interview many of the musical artists who pitched a tent on the popular indie music forum. Others pitched in with questions of their own. July of 2003 could have turned ugly, but thanks to the interviews blanketing the forum, it became a home for insight and mutual respect. The forums were wiped clean by Vivendi in December, 2003. The interviews live on.

Yidneth - Priscilla Hernandez

Artist description
Song-writer and singer, i just create music to bring magic to my daily life. Just another fairy trapped in the real world. Though i'm still alone playing with my keyboard, my pc and my cheap mic. Because I firmly believe magic exists if you have enough courage to create it, even if it's only for you to be seen.

Music Style

Musical Influences
liz frazer (cocteau twins), Tara mclean, Roland Orzábal from Tears for Fears

Similar Artists
The best way to know is to check it out yours .Often compared to Kate Bush and Tori Amos but i hadn't listened to them, though i'm grateful the comparison helped me to discover them

Artist History
I've composed songs all my life, but i've never studied music. What i love most is to illustrate fairytales and my own stories and comics that often inspire my songs, that's how I ended up singing. I do apogize for the bad quality of this recordings. As soon as i manage to make good samples on a studio i will replace all the files for better quality ones. But I hope you find something worthy in the good intention of the home demos and all the joy i had making them. Bit by bit we're getting new equipment and learning about how to improve the quality, till then i hope you have your support and comprehension of my limited media.

Group Members
Priscilla Hernández (vocals and keyboards and help from some kind friends from time to time, lol) Desesperately looking for collaborators. So far with STeve Andrews and Ash Earl I have created the virtual band Prashbard, but I would love to find local musicians to fomr a group for gigging. I'm very grateful to all the collaborators that have helped me in the production of some of my tracks. if you want to help me just use the contact link. I'll be very happy and grateful to receive it.

vocals, keyboard, whistles, recorder

I steal the leaves (coming soon)

Press Reviews
This talented young lady has a powerhouse voice that one could compare to Toni Childs and early Celine Dion (when Ms. Dion actually sang with passion.) Her delivery is potent and controlled, yet it seems to bubble with a fire that could unleash into a torrent to defy the octave registers of any musical scale Mike Ventarola: Hidden Sanctuary "Her angelic sound lifts me up and makes me want to fly. She brings tears into these dark eyes. There is so much passion and love behind her voice that you can't help but feel like you are part of her world and that she is singing directly to you. Her fairy persona fits her well. I Steal the Leaves, is Priscilla at her fairy best. It is a must listen to. Her vocal style reminds me of a great singer right here in St. Louis amongst us. I'm sure after a listen you can figure out who I talk of. Priscilla has to be a dream come true. An answer to music's big question is it about the music or the money? When it comes to Priscilla you can tell it's about the love for the music." ( "It still remains to be seen if she truly carves out an original image for herself and is more than the sum total of her music influences, however Priscilla is definitely a rising talent worth watching as she is truly a gifted vocalist and lyrically is definitely a true poet. I think overall Priscilla has long term appeal as her vocal style is strong will work well across multiple genres of music." David (Deep Blue Wonders ASCAP) -- September's musical issue at

Additional Info
looking for a proper band to addopt me

S/C de tenerife, Canary islands - Spain

Chaz the Spaz
The Canary Islands brings to mind a tropical paradise, is it beautiful where you live?

palm, beaches, spring weather, well you could say so, but you get island fever after a while. The place itself is very tropical in culture, musical tastes included. The problem is that you really end up feeling trapped between the mountains and the see. The possibilities not to success but just to perform considering my genre is scarce, and the same i can tell with my illustrations and comic projects. I think i'll end up living in the mainland because of that, but it would be overall a nice place too live if it weren't so overcrowded.

it sounds simply lovely to me...hope you are fairing well Yidneth, been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers...
enjoying your music right on...carol

thanks , carol
it is just that there are wounds that cannot heal
or we cannot expect them to heal but to cope with
Kira (1995-2003)
I love you Kira

always a hole in the heart, you both look simply beautiful in that picture...God does creative the most beautiful things doesnt he, time, only time will take care of the vaccum...take heart and chin up and create some more of that wonderful music that you do so well, im playin your whole site today just because you shared that pic thanks Pris and Kira!

of course you know that stats arent working so i hope all i am playin will continue to get the credits...hmmm...

Pris, what have you enjoyed most from your success as a singer/songwriter and musician since you decided to record and promote your songs and music on and elsewhere? And what does success mean to you?

Got to be honest, Pris, I had never listened to all of your songs, but today I did, and I thoroughly enjoyed all of them. Not a bad apple in the bunch!! thanks for an entertaining moment in life!

difficult question
success, it's such subjective.
I am already happy to discover a facet of myself that remained undiscovered and unexplored. I never put much emphasis on my skills as a musician, just thought of myself as an illustrator, and from time to time I used to write some poems, or ballads based upon my stories, I think that every artist in this field or whichever would be lying if telling we don't like the recognition from people that really enjoy our music. I'm really not fond of empty compliments, but find really satisfactory one when it comes with honesty from someone's heart that have really enjoyed it, and for that simple fact of sharing something that was inside of myself and make it visible for other that can appreciate it, it is simply worthy and i would define that as a success.
i guess some of us confuses success and fame, they're very different concepts, success satisfies you, the lack of fame frustrates you. I don't intend or stresses me becoming famous at all, that allows me to enjoy what i do.
whatever comes
welcome be

thanks carol, very much for taking your time
outer circle is sent to be replaced for a neater version
and FLYING, well, sigh, that was recorded with an old yamaha live in my university radio, and it will be replaced soon, i waited so long to make the cd, just because the audio quality was awful, thus i've been working on replacing the files, so it's very much appreciated

Chaz the Spaz
What instruments do you use to create such beuatiful music?

basically keyboard
i started with a crappy yamaha psr650 (if someone is good at finding gifs i'm looking for a gif of this keyboard), and i had no idea about midi and such things, so my first recordings were just live recordings on a tape and my keyboard only, sometimes i dare to play recorders or tin whistles, and i'm already learning to manage with the accoustic guitar, but basically the whole of it is now made with my work station roland fantom (at least since december 2002, i don't try to mimic bass and drums often because i just don't count with a band, and i think that guitars, bass and drums are best played by drummers guitarrist and bass players thana keyboardist, I have not studieed music and i don't even consider myself a very skilled one, i just manage and after all it's my music, who can tell me then it's bad played?, LOL, and i'm starting to use vstis and that software things, i don't have much hardware, to be honest, and I don't have amplifiers, monitors, compressors or anything on my home studio yet.
I'll post a link of MY GEAR at my official site. I'm on the learning curve and in the GATHERING STUFF PHASE, as many of you before me, sure you know what I talk about, buying things and wondering if music will give money instead of requiring it.
ALSO I HAVE TO ADD, i count also with collaborators as MIKE BURN, OR CATHERINE DUC, OR many others that have helped in some on my songs, in remixes and such, and in such cases, all credited, my instruments can be called "friends" lol.
NOw people tells me about the possibilities of midis, of quantizing of such things' it's all too complex, and i like the mistakes of an human performance (bad excuse lol huh? )
I'm particularly proud of my performance in the willows' lullaby because it remains simple enough for me to manage in live, and i do enjoy playing that.

Buena respuesta, Pris!
Abrazos! Bardo

How do you go about writing a song? Does it just happen or do you have to think about it and how long does the average song take?

My first keyboard try outs look very similar keyboard wise...probably even cheaper ( mine). The first goes were Tony Looks so bad and Familiar face....Oh..I'm digressing....
Hi Pris.
You mention the Cocteau Twins in Musical Influences, whats your favourite Twins song ? I always loved the bass love the vocals ?

A song can take five minutes, a day, one month, a year, as random as it's the universe and as randomly as it comes to my head. Nothing was almost improvised the first time and basically it didn't change much.
I often mess humming in a messed language (lol as PHilos does, that reminds me our collaboration i have to start with) and then it blends in music, then the humming sometimes turn into words, and sometimes not.
It's all pretty random. I try to imagine my songs as the soundtrack of the imagery i have in my head at a certain moment. I often don't reach what's in my head but it's funny
To swebby
My favourite song of cocteau twins A SONG TO THE SIREN (this mortal coil: it'll end in tears), also love the cover they made of Another day by Roy Harper, and Carolyn's fingers. People often compares me with Tori Amos, I didn't know Tori when uploading my first songs in here, but i did know Liz Fraser LOL, i think one must be honest with their sources, roland orzabal from tears for fears also inspires me a lot, vocally, really LOL but noone would guess, people tneds to be lazy when comparing LOL

Muchos gracias, Pris, para ti respuesta!

Which acts would you most like to see play a live concert? You could include acts in your answer!

Chaz the Spaz
What are your goals and what do you have planned for your music?

my goals are pretty simple
if able,
to record a cd in a proper studio and if possible to perform in front of a cozy group of listeners enjoying what i have to express through my music.
i'm not a born singer, i mean, i never expected to start as a musician till one year ago, i rather draw, but I had something within and it found a way out. I have tons of music in my head, my goal is to take it out

i missed bard's question
lol acts i would like to watch in live
The lost Keyes
Serena Matthews
Kristina Bode
Mike burn
sooooooo many that i cannot liste them all
and to perform with
a list as long or longer than that LOL

ah and i was wrong
my OLD KEYBOARD is a yamaha psr-510
and now i found easily pics of it
jesus , looks terribly small now, 61 keys LOL
i've discovered some errors the keyboard brought as a reported hiss on it LOL hahahha but original flying, and leaves still listed on there were made precisely with that keyboard only, hideous huh? glad i got a better keyboard though i still use this

Chaz the Spaz
Practice makes perfect, do you practice?

I improvise daily, I don't know if i can call that practising but I play and sing daily, even though I mostly improvise, trying to create new stuff rather than rehearsing thoroughly one concrete song, I should do it, I guess. I did with nothing, I'm really proud of my keyboard performance there, simple but i don't edit it with software, i don't correct the notes with midis and such but record what it sounds on my keyb. Thus i have to practise to keep the timing without the metronome LOL, absurd, i know.
about singing, i haven't taken singing lessons in my life and i ended up singing almost by accident but i think it's obvious i'm improving, and i guess it all goes as you keep on doing something.
knowing that you are far from perfect and being aware of it is what makes me try to improve and in fact put me in the way to do it

Chaz the Spaz
You once posted a coffee recipie, what was it and what's so special about it?

well it's a question of surival hahah, i cannot live without them. I mean everytime i have travelled to other countries one of the pivotal things i always remember is GEEEEEE COFFEE SUCKED lol HAHAHA
WELL barraquito is a particular way we prepare coffee in the islands, Mike burn is pretty addicted to them too hahaha, Steve Andrews also took some
coffee (real coffee in a real coffee maker please)
milk (not much)
condensated milk (to sweeten)
a lemon peel
a spice of cinammon
a little bit of liquor 43 (some use bayleys or whisky cream instead sort of irish coffee then)
enough said
really addictive
you're warned



  -- Rick Munarriz

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