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Featured Artist Sites
·  Late Tuesday - Smooth Rock
·  MOEV - Industrial Electronica
·  Simplicity - Progressive
·  Silverman - Hip Soul Rock
·  Hero - Soft Rock & More
·  Fiorella Terenzi - Electronic Astronomy
·  This End Up - Power Punk
·  Salty the Pocketknife - Progressive Rock
·  The Eric Mulford Band - Acoustic Rock
·  Ramsay Fiction - New Rock
·  Craig Strang - Piano Rock
·  Electrosquad - Synthpop
·  Cats on XTC - Trippy Guitar Rock
·  YUD - Instrumental Rock
·  Aristotle - Acid Electronica
·  Wet - Edgy Rock
·  The Plastiks - Punk Pop
·  DeRoyce - Powerful New Age
·  DJ Martinee - House & Latin
·  Dogma Sinaca - Columbian Rock
·  Paris By Air - Dance Pop
·  Chris Cutler - Children Favorites
·  michaelnathan - Post Modern
·  Agent Felix - Pop Punk
·  Snap Dragyn - Folk Rock
·  Paper Rain - Retro Rock
·  Tom Diotto - Retro Rock
·  Sonic Ruin - Hardcore Electronica
·  2-K-Otic - Hip House Rap
·  Tanya Z - Gothic Ambient
·  Last Kid Picked - Punk Pop
·  DirtNap - Blues Grunge
·  Common Heroes - Rock
·  Mutant Industries - Industrial Noise
·  Mighty Joe - Hook Rock
·  Victor Maas - Trance Electronica
·  Tripwire - Alternative Rock
·  Earth Songs - Native American
·  The J-Class Racers - Rock
·  Speed Limit 35 - Guitar Rock
·  Ripped Upheart - Punk
·  The Livesays - Album Rock
·  Jeff Neavor - Orchestral
·  Robbie Rupard - Spiritual Rock
·  Bad World - Righteous Rock
·  Pizza Cutter - Comedy
·  The Lemmings - Pop Rock
·  The Christines - Post Modern
·  Coco Street - Soul Groove
·  moonlife - Synth Alternative 
·  I FEEL LUCKY - Random link to one of the featured artists


World Tour

This month, you won't have to travel around the world to find the best unsigned music. We'll bring it to you! Covering six different genres we will bring you the finest independent artists. Check one out. Let them know what you thought of their music. Move on to the next. Your ears will thank you. So, turn down your radio. It's time to hear something new. If you're an artist on and want to hop on board next month's tour, let us know!

Liquid Stereo October World Tour:
Patti Sterling
Paris By Air
Cruel Kindness
Occasional Detroit
Thanks for your support of the indie music scene!
Check out the Official World Tour Station too!

Pop - If it sounds like it's primed for Top 40 radio, you'll find it here. From soothing ballads to catchy contemporary dance and pop rock, welcome to Pop!'.

Electronica - Need some trance or techno for your next rave? Looking for some ambient new age to relax or mesmerize you? You crave Electronica! to Pop!'.

Rock - You like your Marshalls turned up to 11, don't you? I hear ya. From alternative rock to metal to old-fashioned rock and roll and blues, this is the place for you my friend.

Street - If you want to hear some hip hop beats and rap or lay back in the latest in urban and R&B, you're ready to cross the Street.

Speechless - Classical? Jazz? Feeling a shade of light blues? Speechless is what you want to be as we take a look at some of the best in traditional instrumental entertainment.

Recent Features

An Interview with Hero - UK duo talk about music, love, life!

An Interview with Simplicity - Texas trio answer all!

An Interview with Sonic Ruin - Electronica masters at play.

An Interview with michaelnathan - Music philosophy.

An Interview with moonlife - 100% Unnatural nabs the synthpop kings.

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We hope you like what you've heard. We hope you check back soon for more cutting edge music from the leading independent artists of the digital world. If you have any interests in being featured or in sponsorship please contact us.

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