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Five Ways to Make Money on
Since's move to end its Payback for Playback promotion on January 15, 2003, a lot of artists have been wondering if they can still make money through their music, online.

Yes. It is possible. Here are five ways to make you a better marketer -- to help you monetize your online efforts.

1. Sell CDs. Yes, you've had this power all along but how many artists believe that those small links under the artist image or the small inserts under the songs are enough to move the CDs? You need to actively promote your CD. Use the HTML area on your artist page to promote your latest CD. Use the thumbnail CD graphic and insert it in your HTML area, link it to the CD shopping cart. Insert favorable reviews about the tracks on the CD. Your artist page is a store. Don't bury your CDs in the back when they should be out front in the display window.

2. Sell Your Own CDs. Do you have a CD burner at home? Do you have manufactured CDs lying around waiting for a buyer? Sell them yourself. While you can always go through a site like CD Baby that will do a great job of handling the fulfillment, now you can do it yourself and keep all the profits. Just go to PayPal and create a free personal account -- they actually give you $5 just to sign up so it's actually even better than free. Then you can use the HTML area on to tell visitors that they can buy your CD directly from you, by depositing funds -- instantly -- into your PayPal account. Not only can you promote the superior quality of the homemade CDs, but you can also offer to autograph them for free.

3. Sell Merchandise. Thanks to Cafe Press you can set set up a free online store to sell as many as 50 different products. From t-shirts to teddy bears to lunch boxes, you can become a merchandising master. If you're popular you may sell stuff on your artist name alone. But even if you're not ubiquitous you can still drive sales if your logo stands out as a fashion statement. Just make sure that your artist image or logo is something that you can picture folks longing to wear or own. Think like a merchant.

4. Feed the Tip Jar. What? You don't think that folks will value your free music and reward you with a little coin? A street musician without an open guitar case is pro bono work. You never know who you might impress. There are three online options to create automated tipping. was the original. It's a little rough around the edges and it does not allow for credit card transactions or automated bank deposits but it is geared toward artists. PayPal is the free alternative -- and if you open an account the free $5 can always be your first tip. Amazon Honor System takes a bite out of your tip transactions, but it has the benefit of having a large installed based of users who are already set up to pay through the Amazon interface. If you're uncomfortable with the tip jar concept, that's fine. There are other ways to make money. Just keep in mind that even some of the world's greatest museums run on optional contributions. Art is art, even if it's pan-handled.

5. You're online. You are a global celebrity. Well, you are -- by definition. There is no shame in approaching area record stores or music gear shops to ask for sponsorship. Offer to note the area merchants as sponsors on your page in return for a small contribution, or at the very least to promote your online page in their stores. You don't have to stop at music-related stores. Any company that likes to show it cares for its community is a possibility. Approach them. You will learn something even in rejection. Who knows? You might earn something along the way too.

Want More? Don't worry, we'll have five more ways to make pay for you next month. So, stick around. Enjoy the rest of the site and come back again.

Link Share - You have an page. You have traffic. Why not generate some ad revenue? LinkShare is a collection of hundreds of online stores who will pay you for any customers you send over. They will give you the full text link and graphical link to stores like and Sony Music. It's pocket change, but it's your pocket change.

Musician's Friend - Hey, you're online. You don't have to pay up for music and recording gear locally. Try the Internet leader, Guitar Center's online biz, Musician's Friend. Look for great deals on exclusive closeouts.

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